Got App?

29 Jul

Do you have the new Visit McKinney Texas smartphone app yet? If so, are you enjoying it? (We sure are!) And if you don’t have it yet, you really need to get it.  To access links to both the Apple App Store and the Android Market, click HERE.

Here’s what you can access with this app:

  • Information, web and phone links to all restaurants in town.
  • Event listings of everything going on in our city.
  • Coupons for goods and services.
  • A really cool “augmented reality” feature for finding what’s “Near Me.” (It lets you see what is around you depending on the direction you are pointing the phone, and you can access information, website and phone of any displayed business with a touch of the finger.)
  • Access to directions for getting to McKinney.
  • Links to city government & community service providers.

A couple tips for using the Visit McKinney Texas smartphone app:

  • Please close it out each time you use it. This allows your phone to update the app to the latest version of any new listings or features without having to always go to the App Store. (If you already have the app but don’t have the Augmented Reality tool – it’s under “Near Me” – then please DO go to the app store and get it; it’s a bigger update than just an event listing.)
  • If you have an Android phone and encounter any issues, please email us at so we can report it to our developers. (There are so many types of Android phones out there, they experience little glitches from time to time, something we don’t encounter with the iPhone and iPad.)

After  you download it and use it, please rate it and/or drop us a line (or comment below) to let us know what you think.

As always, if you ever need to learn more about McKinney, you can access our website at!

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